Saturday, March 21, 2009

Introduction of the Blog

So I have been kicking around the idea of this discussion for a very long time. I just couldn't decide what format I wanted to put it in. Should I blog, write a book, snip-it articles? What made me settle on a blog was I wanted other people's input. Firstly it will making getting the info out there that much faster. And it will help me discover places I haven't run yet.

Clearly this blog is going to be about Trail Running in America. And you could say, Heidi I get Trail Runner and Runners World. And I would say, Anyone can write about running the trails in Colorado, CA, and Oregon. My challenge to everyone is this --- We don't all LIVE in CO, CA, and OR. So, what the rest of the country doesn't have GREAT places to run??? But I've been getting Trail Runner since it was a quarterly magazine and they have yet to write up the Cuyahoga Valley National Park! The CVNP is a haven for trail runners in Ohio. Yes, Ohio. The single track trails here rivals anything out west. The trail is techincal, challenging, and hilly. The forest of old growth hard woods and pine is lush with wildflowers, ferns, and wildlife. There is a phenomenal running community that actively organizes races and training runs from 5K to Ultras.

I have quite a list of trails and parks that I plan on covering in this blog. But I really want to hear from people about the trails the run and love. I want this to be a resource for runners to use when making business travel and vacation plans. How often our training suffers by business trips to places we don't know well enough to figure out where to run. And we end up on a road run hating every minute of it! And since we all can't just take a week off to go run in the Ouray Pass in Colorado there may be awesome options closer to home that we've over looked.

Let's check them out! So while I compile my thoughts and some pictures of the CVNP to post next how about you guys give me some ideas of trails I should feature on this blog.

Now go get a good run in!